The landing staircase in the building of RBS. The staircase pillar, hanging lamp and glass façade are also visible.
Spacers between the balustrade and landing staircase in the building of the Royal Bank of Scotland.
An open wooden staircase with landing, balustrades and staircase pillar in a hall with pillars and cast floor.
A hanging lamp in the middle of a landing staircase with wooden treads, reflected in a glass wall.

Recently completed: Royal Bank of Scotland, Amsterdam

EeStairs recently produced a genuinely outstanding staircase for the Royal Bank of Scotland’s contemporary Amsterdam office. Based on designs created by Amsterdam architects, Heyligers Design + Projects, the staircase features eye-catching floating treads formed from bamboo and a glass balustrade, contributing to the interior’s sleek aesthetic.

The project also involved EeStairs collaborating with Amsterdam-based contractors BAM building services - Mehmet Aydin, Work Organiser at BAM commented: “The co-operation with EeStairs was very pleasing, particularly valuable was their knowledge and experience in the development of staircases. In addition, they were able to work quickly, to make a beautiful and reliable product.”

The staircase’s stringer is so robust that further support of the intermediate platform is not necessary and the project has since gone on to win EeStairs’ Staircase of The Year competition.

“Co-operating with architects and contractors from the very beginning of a project is important to us as it means partners can get the most from our staircase design, manufacturing and installation expertise,” said EeStairs Creative Director, Cornelis van Vlastuin.