A wooden floating staircase, with a wooden handrail fixed to the wall. Grey cobblestones are underneath the stairs.
Rear view of a floating staircase with wooden steps, right along a glass wall.
Bottom view of a floating wooden staircase right along a glass wall, cobblestones are underneath the stairs.

While working with Adolfo Perez Architect, and the contractor, ThoughtForms Corp., EeStairs has recently completed a stunning stainless steel staircase.

The floating staircase design entails exceptional triangular treads and large textured glass panels. The uniqueness in this staircase transpires from the triangular treads. These treads provide a closed riser and the strength necessary to meet code while creating an open look from the slopes of the treads. The treads contain two distinctive materials; with brushed stainless steel for the triangular base and jatoba wood on top, creates a sleek and excellent appearance.

The floating staircase design entails exceptional triangular treads and large textured glass panels

The 3/4 “ tempered natura textured glass panels, supplied by ThinkGlass and purchased and installed by EeStairs, were difficult to install based on the size of the panels and the tight space for installation. A main challenge when installing a floating staircase is that the structure and finished staircase must be installed prior to framing and wall finishes. To make is easier for the trades after EeStairs, typically a MDF strip is provided in order to align the finishes with the wall.

EeStairs has escaped the everyday with this remarkable staircase and is proud to have been part of this wonderful project.

EeStairs floating staircases

EeStairs® floating staircases are a popular design which is unsurprising since they are both subtle and elegant. The treads are fixed to a wall without visible stringers. This makes the treads appear to float – hence the name. True floating staircases have something special about them and should not be produced in combination with a balustrade. We can however provide balustrade if regulations deem it necessary. A floating staircase is shown to best advantage in a minimalist location, becoming a true eye-catcher, attracting admiration.

EeStairs produces floating staircases from different materials, with treads made from timber, stone or even glass. The price of a timber version starts at approximately 11,000 euros. Treads made of glass increase the price to between 25,000 and 30,000 euros. Most EeStairs® floating staircases are either straight or QuarterTurn staircases. It is also possible to use floating treads on spiral and helical staircases. It's up to you!