EeStairs employees at work in overalls at the workshop.
Two construction workers guide the placement of a winding staircase in a penthouse with a view of London.
Employee is at work and is sitting on an office chair at a desk, with computer, phone, and keyboard.
Assembly of a metal staircase
Exterior of the property of EeStairs Barneveld, with company truck and company buses.
(Part) of a staircase is moved with a crane to a building for assembly. Blue skies in the background.
Overview of the workshop where a staircase is moved for transport by two cranes, concrete floor, fluorescent lighting.
Placement of stairs by a crane, on a sandy ground filled with pallets and shrubs.
Taped stairs, stuccoed ceiling, a ladder stands against one of the stuccoed walls, glass railings.
Transport of a spiral staircase with a company car in the background, company shed, trees and shrubs.
Construction of a spiral staircase in the workplace, an employe is welding, a roller door, welding machine and crane are in the background.

Behind every great staircase you will find the people, systems and resources that characterize a forward thinking international staircase specialist. Our creative advisors, designers and craftsmen can deliver challenging feature staircases in the knowledge that they have the very best resources at their disposal.

EeStairs has specialist in-house CAD, steelwork, woodwork and installation capabilities which mean that from concept to design and installation the very best standards can be guaranteed each and every time. EeStairs’ clients can be satisfied that dedicated transportation and installation teams can overcome even the most challenging environments; from sites with limited access to large scale challenges, our in-house approach offers an unbeatable service and flexibility capable of delivering the most outstanding products.

In addition to our in-house expertise, you can be confident that EeStairs, processes, methodology and people meet the highest international standards. EeStairs products and practices are fully accredited and meet both CE Mark and ISO 9001 standards so our clients can have confidence EeStairs quality.

The challenges we face

In a new regular feature to the EeNews, we’re going to be giving our readers a behind the scenes look at the day-to-day challenges we face, and how we overcome them. Potential problems can be minor or significant and appear in various elements of our business from design to installation. However, we pride our ability to thrive in challenging situations and believe in being the very best that we can be.