A property concept inspired by the game Tetris, by stacking blocks of rooms onto each other.
Front view of Tetris House, constructed with rooms attached to each other like blocks. View of a city in the background.
White space with an abundance of natural light, which includes an easel, ladder, desk with chair, armchairs and ceiling lights. Sunset outside.
Drawing of Tetris House, a property concept inspired by Tetris, made up of a number of interlocking sub-structures

EeStairs is proud to announce that it has been chosen to contribute to the Tetris House project in Leimuiden, the Netherlands. Tetris House has been developed by Janjaap Ruijssenaars, Founder of Universe Architecture, as a means of providing future proof living. The project has brought together a selection of the most innovative and forward thinking designers and manufacturers, including EeStairs.

As the name suggests, each building is created using a number of interlocking sub-structures and will create three environmentally sound homes that offer comfortable living, and stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The dwellings will be spread over three floors, with access to a private roof terrace – making the need for a functional and beautiful staircase a necessity.

“For EeStairs it is always a pleasure to be involved in an innovative project,” explains Cornelis van Vlastuin, Creative Director at EeStairs. “Like EeStairs aims to, the Tetris House will push the boundaries of design, functionality and practicality and deliver a magnificent result – a perfect match.”

As a result of being constructed from an number of sub-structures Tetris House can be adapted to meet the needs of any occupiers, from families to individuals, and will come with the added option of being available fully furnished or empty. This means that whether people want a luxurious home, or something more minimalist and practical the design of Tetris House can be easily adapted.

Environmental benefits

As well as being visually stunning Tetris House will offer significant environmental benefits; the aim is to create a self-sufficient building that could be capable of not having access to the main gas, electricity and water networks. Technology utilised by the house will include renewable energy generation and a sewage purification system.

The partners for the project will come together at each stage of the project, from concept to completion in order to deliver the best possible end result. It is hoped that the first Tetris House properties will go on sale later this year.

Partners for the project include:

  • Architect & development: UNIVERSE ARCHITECTURE
  • Strategy: BURO VAN ONS
  • Contractor: VINKBOUW
  • Building physics: PEUTZ
  • Interior: i29
  • Sustainability: RICHARD DE JEU
  • Communication: DE WIJDE BLIK
  • Furniture: VITRA
  • Floors: SENSO
  • Stairs: EESTAIRS

More info: www.tetrishouse.nl