Senior staircase designer Geoffrey Packer.

EeStairs call upon over 15 years of experience to engineer, manufacture and install feature staircases of the highest quality. But unique designs don't come about by themselves. They require a good foundation of technical know-how coupled with creativity, daring and an ability to challenge convention. Our internal design department, EeDesign, is overflowing with raw talent & practical experience and is internationally recognised by architects, end users and commercial clients.

Senior staircase designer

EeDesign has the creativity and real world expertise to deliver exciting, viable design solutions tailored to suit customer’s specific requirements. One of the driving forces behind EeDesign is Senior Designer Geoffrey Packer. Geoffrey holds a degree in architectural computer aided technology and has been working within the architecture and construction industry as a staircase designer for over 15 years. In addition to his talents in concept generation Geoff is also very skilled in 3D computer visualisation and is accomplished in modeling, lighting and texturing.

Unique creations

In the past few years their approach to design and production, which combines uninhibited creativity and technical know-how, has resulted in unique creations such as the 1m2 stairs, Cells design, Mind Step and DNA-Stairs. These diverse EeStairs® staircases have one thing in common; they are the result of the passion for creating innovative, exclusive and spectacular designs.

Jurymember EeStairs Design Competition

For the second edition of the EeStairs Design Competition Geoffrey is involved as a jury member. In this short video he tells about what inspires him and what he is looking for in the entries in the Design Competition.

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