Top view of a spiral staircase, adjacent to work stations with office chairs and computers and a waiting area.
A red sofa, fluorescent lighting and carpet at an office garden at the Mediahuis in Antwerp.
A spiral staircase with solid oak wooden steps in an office environment with carpet tiles on the floor.
The top of the spiral staircase in the Mediahuis with wooden floors, fluorescent lights from the modular ceiling and blinds in front of the windows
The bottom of a white spiral staircase to which EeSoffit has been applied, fluorescent lighting in the background
The entrance to the Mediahuis, with the reception, round ceiling lights and designer sofas.
Two large windows with a red sofa and two square chairs inside, and an inner courtyard outside with a tree and a wall.
The exterior of the office building of the Mediahuis in Antwerp, outside are trees, shrubs, grass and the road.

ELD partnership has carried a dynamic reconfiguration of the office space at Mediahuis, home to a new media partnership combining the former Concentra Group and Corelio. This new partnership covers titles such as ‘De Standaard’ and ‘Gazet van Antwerpen’ and ELD has created more space for the growing editorial department. As well as providing meeting areas and work stations ELD partnership’s design includes a contemporary helical staircase, by EeStairs, which climbs effortlessly between floors and provides a spectacular focal point.

Geert De Clerck, Project Manager for ELD partnership, explains, “The Mediahuis offices needed expanding as staff numbers grew. Rather than creating additional space that felt like a distinctly separate area to the rest of building, we wanted to create a cohesive space by remodeling the interior. The space needed to provide a number of different spaces for meetings, interviews and desk work, as well as social space for staff to enjoy.”

"Old and new has been brought together by a helical staircase which transfers the sense of community."

“The reconfigured editorial department is a bright and airy space which draws the eye, making the original ground floor section and the new space on the first floor flow seamlessly into one. Old and new design has been brought together by a helical staircase which transfers the sense of community between the different departments,” adds De Clerck.

Stimulating journey

The helical design of the staircase provides a journey on which users rotate more that 360° and can take in every aspect of the space around them. The staircase is a perfect combination of two contrasting worlds. The outside of the staircase boasts a bold white finish, giving an incredibly sleek appearance that emphasises the curved shape of the staircase. In sharp contrast the inside of the staircase has timber finished treads and inner balustrade, which makes it look as though the inner section of the staircase had been laid down in the white outer structure. Pairing these distinctly different surfaces has resulted in an attention-grabbing staircase that fits perfectly in the building and is effective in softening the feel of this modern interior. The staircase provides sweeping curves, a sense of natural warmth and texture from the combination of finishes and a stimulating journey for everyone that uses it.


The faultless finish of the staircase has been designed to withstand the regular use of an office setting and therefore the underside of the staircase is finished in EeStairs innovative EeSoffit®. EeSoffit® creates a perfect finish that will not diminish over time; it also means that for anyone standing beneath the staircase provides a spectacular and artistic focal point.

Functional and symbolic

“ELD partnership had designed a staircase that was both functional and symbolic,” explains Mark Geerts, Creative Director of EeStairs BE. “Our role was to help refine the design and bring it to life. At EeStairs we strive to create staircases that can take people on a journey and with this one we have. As you reach the top of the staircase the treads become shallower and longer, inviting users to really think about what they are doing and experiencing.”