Floating wooden staircase with glass balustrade and a balustrade with metallic cell design, against a white wall.
Bottom view of a staircase with oak wooden steps and antique bronze metallic balustrade with cell design.
A staircase with oak wooden steps, with a balustrade of glass and a balustrade in cell design with an antique bronze liquid metallic finish.
Top view of a floating staircase with wooden steps, and balustrades with a metallic cell design.
A staircase with wooden steps and a long glass balustrade on one side, and a metallic cell design on the other side.
Closeup of oak wooden steps and a metallic balustrade.

EeStairs has created a three-flight feature staircase for an exclusive residence in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Not only is it comprised of both straight and helical flights, the staircase features EeStairs Cells™ balustrade, which has been hand patinated to provide an exceptional level of finish.

Tailored to meet the clients exacting specifications, EeStairs has supported the creation of this magnificent staircase from the design stage to completion. Geometrically the staircase posed a significant challenge; achieving the desired comfortable proportions, generous headroom and rise and going that complied with Building Regulations required EeStairs to put their extensive experience to use when optimising the design.

Antique bronze liquid metal finish

European Oak treads, which match the clients existing solid wooden floor, add a sense of warmth and texture to the modern interior of the property. The organic shape of EeStairs Cells™ balustrade compliments the natural wooden finish of the staircase. The balustrade has been finished with an antique bronze liquid metal finish, a site applied bronze finish patinated by hand to achieve depth and character that makes this staircase truly spectacular.

EeStairs has also designed, created and installed frameless laminated glass balustrades to enclose the staircase without cutting it off from the rest of the interior. The openness of the Cells™ balustrade, floating treads and glass balustrade have culminated in a light weightless quality, and sense of effortless elegance as the staircase rises up through the property.