An extraordinary spiral staircase with steel railings and leather-covered steps. Paintings are on the wall and there is a statue.
A rear view of a spiral staircase with steel mid-rails and a large painting on the wall.
A top view of a spiral staircase with leather-covered wooden steps, and wooden floor.
Rear view of a spiral staircase with steel mid-rails as railings, on the wall are four paintings.
Modern house with a huge glass exterior, the lights are on.

Usually associated with snow sports and winter breaks, Aspen Snowmass, in Colorado, is now home to one of EeStairs very latest projects. The modern dwelling has a vast glass exterior that provides views of the dramatic landscape outside from the first floor living space. It was EeStairs’ job to create an extraordinary sweeping staircase that would deliver users to the first floor in a way that allowed them to take in their stunning surroundings.

The resulting staircase, unusual in it’s design, is charming to all who use it. From the ground floor the large proprtions of the staircase and industrial steel stringers and balustrades are as dramatic as the mountain landscape in which the property is located. Yet the addition of leather wrapped treads, which leave the white oak end caps exposed soften the staircase, making it warm and inviting. The unusual use of leather on the treads sparks curiosity as users wonder what it will be like to walk on. By the time they reach the top of the staircase users imaginations have already been sparked, leaving them with both a view of the landscape and a curiosity with which they can explore their surroundings.

Staircase with organic characteristic

This stunning staircase did not come without it’s challenges; nestled in a building that is characterised by a wooden structure outside, and exposed brickwork, wooden paneling and muted natural colours inside, EeStairs had to put it’s expertise to use to achieve the desired finish. Introducing steel to the interior provided an interesting contrast, but required EeStairs to apply an even patina finish to the steelwork, giving the staircase an organic characteristic, as though it had always been there.

EeStairs was able to deliver the stunning level of finish associated with an expert by developing a process of applying different pentinas to the metal work to achieve a flawless even finish.