A wide staircase with wooden finish. The oak wooden steps are reinforced with steel. Glass railing.
Side view of a wide staircase with oak wooden steps. LED lighting at every step. Stainless steel handrails and glass balustrades.
A detached staircase which is composed of matching oak steps, LED lighting and glass railings.
Overview of the hall at The Edge in Amsterdam, with two wooden staircases, tables and armchairs.
Glass facade of The Edge in Amsterdam, with luminous balustrades on the balconies.
Balconies with green-lighted balustrades and a glass facade.

The Edge in Amsterdam, designed by PLP architecture, is the perfect combination of cutting edge technology and exquisite design and has received the highest BREEAM rating ever recorded by the Building Research Establishment, the global assessor of sustainable buildings.

The building’s facade is finished in glass allowing natural light to pour into the office whilst making the most of the surrounding views. From certain perspectives the angular shape of the building creates an optical illusion making the building appear to go on forever, shrinking into the distance.

EeStairs was asked by contractor, G&S Bouw, to deliver two large feature staircases and a number of TransParancy balustrades, complete with LED lighting, to emphasise the impressive scale of this remarkable building.

Specialist construction

“The most prominent feature of the atrium is a vast staircase, which gets narrower as it is climbed. The scale, shape and striking timber finish provide a warm welcome for everyone who comes through the door,” explains Cornelis van Vlastuin, Creative Director of EeStairs. “Nine meters wide at the base and over four meters wide at the top, and weighing 24 tonnes this staircase required specialist construction. The width of the staircase meant that each oak tread had to be reinforced with steel. Despite the size and level of engineering this staircase has an incredibly neat and sophisticated quality due to incorporated LED lighting and sleek glass balustrade.”

EeStairs created another prominent staircase and a number of glass balustrades for The Edge. The second staircase is a freestanding structure that is constructed from matching oak treads, LED lighting and glass balustrades. Ending in a cantilevered terraced platform the staircase provides a space for speakers to address large groups of people in the heart of the building. The glass balustrades on the balconies feature LED lighting that enhances the vertical line of the building when it is dark, whilst complementing the unusual shape of the balcony.


More information and a nice video about the project here.