Exclusive staircase for Vreugdenhil Offices
Elegant custom staircase
Curved modern staircase

In the past, drywall was generally the only cladding that was available for the underside of a stair case. To combat this, EeStairs has used its innovative approach to design a new finish cladding we call EeSoffit.

EeStairs manufactures staircases in a variety of shapes, materials, and applications. Despite this diversity, all EeStairs staircases have something in common – a high-quality finish. EeStairs is always looking for new opportunities and techniques to create an outstanding level of finish and once again has succeeded with EeSoffit.

The EeSoffit finish offers a luxurious look, especially when using the very distinctive “gloss option.” Not only is EeSoffit attractive from an aesthetic point of view, it also has many practical advantages.