Exclusive staircase for Vreugdenhil Offices
Vreugdenhil Nijkerk [NL]

Vreugdenhil Nijkerk [NL]

EeStairs + Maas Architecten + SOM Oldenzaal

Dairy products manufacturer Vreugdenhil’s new Netherlands headquarters required a staircase spanning across the building’s four floors. The brief included Vreugdenhil’s desire to encourage interaction between employees on the stair itself.

Acting as focal point in the building’s atrium, the staircase is highly accessible featuring alternate landings every two steps, encouraging chance meetings.

The inner string of the staircase gradually builds from the lower stage to circle a decorative tree placed in its centre.The staircase features a white gloss EeSoffit finish, an innovative alternative to stucco plasterwork on the underside of a stair.

We worked very closely with the team at EeStairs to create a staircase which supported Vreugdenhil’s desire to encourage interaction between employees. We have had great experiences when working with EeStairs before and their portfolio of ambitious projects with likeminded architects speaks for itself.

Erwin Schot, Maas Architect

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Photography Hans Morren