When a staircase design is based on subtle movements in geometric lines, the challenge to make and install the stairs perfectly is always challenging. But if the surfaces and balustrades are detail-free, it’s even more challenging. And this is exactly what EeStairs faced at the UZ Ghent Polyclinic when it designed, made, and installed glass stair balustrades that joined balcony balustrades at the upper level.

The staircase rises in a mixture of straight and curved sections to a balcony which also has straight and curved edges – an homage to the polyclinic’s original designer, the Art Nouveau legend Henry van de Velde. The staircase tread structure had been accurately precast in concrete, and EeStairs’ craftsmen ensured that the laminated glass balustrades followed the lines of the detail-free, 50cm deep steel profiles that form the stringers.

As the images show, the lines of the glazing and the steel handrails are very accurate, despite the fact that there were three different glazing heights, and both straight-rising and curved-rising geometry. Two key factors in the aesthetic success of this project was the close collaboration between EeStairs and the contractor, CORDEEL, and the use of EeStairs’ TransParency frameless glazing system.