Alliander Huis Bellevue, Arnhem [NL]

Alliander Huis Bellevue, Arnhem [NL]

EeStairs + Coare Realisatie

EeStairs worked closely with construction specialist Dura Vermeer Hengelo on the supply of stairs and completion of walkways as part of a total head office renovation for energy company Alliander (Bellevue) in Arnhem.

A large 'mountain' staircase situated just inside the entrance to the building provides a striking focal point for the office. The staircase splits into two individual staircases on the second floor on either side to connect a large walkway that acts as a bridge to the building’s restaurant, in so doing connecting areas of the building that are also linked across all floors by individual walkways installed in an atrium. EeStairs covered each walkway with plywood struts that run under the bridges and protrude from the top of each to enable them to also serve as balustrades. The underside of each of these bridges has been fitted with translucent, fire-resistant cloth.

Photography Hans Morren

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