Residence, Rhenen [NL]

Residence, Rhenen [NL]

EeStairs + MIX architectuur + Marco van Veldhuizen

The feature staircase and balustrade in this stylish Modernist home in Rhenen, Holland, has very clean lines and virtually no detailing. It seems to be a simple project. But to produce the visual sharpness required by MIX Architectuur and Marco van Veldhuizen, EeStairs had to devise a way to conceal the structural support for the stairs.

We achieved this using three materials: steel, oak, and the tough, smooth HI-MACS® acrylic and stone powder composite. The steel stair structure is invisible because it’s embedded in the brick wall and connects invisibly to the HI-MACS® balustrade via the wooden stair treads. The connections between the treads and the balustrade required extremely fine tolerances, and are visually seamless as a result.

EeStairs strategy delivers an important outcome: the uncluttered design and installation of the stairs ensures that the architectural character of the home’s interior complements its external appearance with great clarity.

Photography Hans Morren