The George, Amsterdam [NL]

The George, Amsterdam [NL]

EeStairs + DOK Architecten

Two trendy new apartment buildings in Amsterdam’s Zuidas area share an important design feature – glass balcony balustrades that don’t have upstands or posts. The balustrades are an innovation by EeStairs called groovEe™, and they provide unobstructed views because of the secure, detail-free connection between the glass and the concrete balconies.

Four of the balconies at the seven-storey Gustav apartment, designed by KCAP, are extensive – not unlike the sun-decks on a luxury cruise ship. And at the 11-storey George apartment building, designed by DOK Architects, projecting balconies add to the visual drama of the curving, multi-coloured bricks of the main facade.

Accuracy is the key for groovEe™ balustrades. EeStairs’ creates a millimetre-precise CAD model of the glass balustrade and the receiving channel in the concrete. We then use CNC technology to produce the formwork for the contractor to cast the glass track on the balcony cost-efficiently. Finally, EeStairs installs the glass balustrades using highly durable sealants and adhesives.

Photography Hans Morren
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