Taking into account that practicality and visual impact play a huge role in defining a retail environment has always been a priority for us at EeStairs. Whether it’s product placement, pedestrian flow or space availability, these considerations all weigh heavily in design and implementation, yet we love to push the boundaries when creating alluring retail concepts. The challenge that presents itself is both welcomed and cherished in our environment and continues to aid in pushing us to the very top of the retail feature stair market.

In retail applications, we aim to transform the every day into the exceptional. Everything from the layout, to the finishes in a store or a shopping center, must entice shoppers to explore and ultimately spend. Staircases are the conduit that draws shoppers to different levels within the same store or to different areas of a larger retail facility. The staircases we design for retail applications not only arouse the shoppers’ curiosity initially, but has proven to be a draw to get them back again and again.