EeStairs have maximised options for colours and finishes on the NextGen™ anti-slip stair treads, which makes this a genuine designer stair system. Handrails can be in wood or stainless steel, and two types of glass are available for the balustrades.

The NextGen™ stair treads can be custom sized in terms of width, and the stringers can be powder-coated in any RAL colour. There are also colour options for the anodised aluminium stair tread design, which can retain the standard ribbed anti-slip top surface or be fitted with wooden inlays. The final option concerns the stringers, which can be fitted with LED strips.

The staircase tread design allows these customizations to be entered on the NextGen™ configurator, along with details about floor heights, plan and section, stair angles, width and distance between treads, and whether the stairs are a straight run, or turn at the landings.