Space saving stairs, or spacesaver stairs, are compact staircase designs, usually required in interiors where space is limited (That's why they are very much suited as attic stairs), however, this does not mean that the resulting compact staircase will be purely functional. Developments in design technology and the use of materials means that it’s possible to create a compact staircase that will still be a genuine design feature in the interior, instead of boring attic stairs you get a unique element in your home.

  • Occupies the smallest possible floor area: 1m2
  • The floor opening need be no bigger than 1m2
  • This staircase can be installed almost anywhere
  • The ideal solution for a fixed stair like a cellar or attic stair
  • The space saving stairs are a perfect alternative to a loft ladder
  • Available in any RAL colours
  • Functional design staircase: artistic solution to a practical problem
  • Exclusive: EeStairs received a patent for this staircase

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can see some of the frequently asked questions about our 1m2 small staircase. Click on the plus sign to view the answer. If you have any other questions, you can of course ask them!

Yes, installation of the 1m2 is very easy as demonstrated in this video.

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