Our EeLab imagines the extraordinary forms stairs can take in the future. Stairs in oval tubes, like something from a Star Wars set. Elegantly articulated stairs made of laminated bamboo. Super-sensual stairs whose steps or balustrades ripple. Stairs like a beautifully twisting spinal column in glass and steel.

The EeLab develops radical stair designs and explores, in detail, how precise engineering and perfectly crafted materials can turn them into high performance reality for the most adventurous architects and clients.

It’s a highly creative, free-ranging, and technically innovative process. And it has produced unique and highly successful stair-forms and stair parts, such as the EeStairs 1m2 stairs, which fit stylishly into incredibly tight spaces; the perfectly smooth, geometrically precise EeSoffit; and the organically patterned Cells metal balustrade.

The EeLab. Fast-forwarding architects and other designers into completely new stair design territories.