EeStairs has three centres of operation: the EeStairs headquarters and production complex at Barneveld in the Netherlands, an office and factory at Brantford, Ontario, 70 miles from the US border, and a design and client support office at Eastbourne in the UK.

The physical quality and performance of our stairs is a primary concern, which is why we have an in-house team of engineers, technologists and craftspeople. Our design support team collaborates with clients to take original designs right through to the final design details, and the engineering and construction approvals. In Europe, our sales teams also play an important role, monitoring projects from beginning to end.

Our production plants use high quality equipment, and our fabricators are divided into specialised teams – those who make the metal stair elements, and those who produce the wooden elements. Glass stair and balcony balustrades are fitted by our teams of installers, and wooden balustrades are made and fitted at our stair production plants.

This in-house expertise benefits our international clients, who can discuss any aspect of the design or manufacture of feature stairs directly with EeStairs at any point in the process, rather than have to deal with several separate consultants.

Our facilities and design support ensure that feature stair designs and engineering are fully detailed, precisely executed in our production plants, and securely installed by our own experienced teams on site.