Our Team

The EeStairs team is proudly international and has well-established operations in the Netherlands, the UK, USA, Canada, France and Belgium. The management team has a full range of design, technical, and manufacturing skill-sets, and this supports the deep-seated ethos of innovation established by the founders of EeStairs, Dick Cluistra and Cornelis van Vlastuin. The senior management teams also have professional expertise in architecture, product design, and production efficiency.

Brendan Koppelaar

Operational Director

+1 (226) 381 0111 BK@eestairs.com

Nathan is supported by Operational Director, Brendan Koppelaar. Having previously managed production at three structural steel manufacturing plants, Brendan brings an exceptionally detailed understanding of stair production quality and efficiency to our projects, and clients, in North America.

Nathan Koppelaar

Creative Director

+1 (226) 381 0111 NK@eestairs.com

Nathan leads our projects in Canada and the United States. He has gained a full understanding of both the technical and financial aspects of industrial processes. Nathan had previously worked for a steel beam cambering company, and then for a timber company, which gave him direct insights into the two most commonly used materials for feature stairs.

Joshua Sikkema

Project Manager

+1 (226) 381 0111 JS@eestairs.com

Nick Liang

Project Manager

+1 (226) 381 0111 NLI@eestairs.com

Mike Deller

Purchasing & Logistics

+1 (226) 381 0111 MD@eestairs.com

Alexander Vakoulich

Installation Supervisor

+1 (226) 381-0111

Katelyn Barich

Marketing Coordinator / Inside Sales

+1 (226) 381 0111 KB@eestairs.com

Josh Koppelaar

Designer / Purchasing

+1 (226) 381 0111 JK@eestairs.com

Mark Muta

Senior Estimator / Inside Sales

+1 (226) 381 0111 MM@eestairs.com

Meaghan McPherson

Human Resources Administrator

+1 (226) 381 0111 MMC@eestairs.com

Tim Richards

Project Designer

+1 (226) 381 0111 TR@eestairs.com

Adrian Marta

Project Designer

+1 (226) 381 0111 AM@eestairs.com

Graham Hamstra

Project Designer

+1 (226) 381 0111 GH@eestairs.com

Shawn Knoepfli

Project Designer

+1 (226) 381 0111 SK@eestairs.com

Sebastien Dion

Project Designer

+1 (226) 381 0111 sd@eestairs.com

Cornelis van Vlastuin

Founder, Creative Director [NL]

+31 342 405 710 CvV@eestairs.com

Cornelis van Vlastuin is the creative director of EeStairs. Under his leadership, the company produces exquisitely elegant and visually exciting staircases through a process of continuous imagination and innovation. And this has provided designers and other professional specifiers with the widest possible range of stair-tread options. Cornelis' visionary approach is balanced by his past entrepreneurial and management experience, and his insights into software programming. His unusually broad skills, and his international outlook, have led to award-winning stairs and the creation of several unique patented or registered stair products.

Martijn Cluistra

Operational Director

+31 342 405 721 MC@eestairs.com

Martijn Cluistra has been Operational Director of EeStairs since 2021, having previously managed EeStairs’ highly skilled installation teams. Martijn coordinates the key aspects of stair projects in Europe, including ultra-precise stair manufacturing, and up to ten staircase installations a week. He also oversees EeStairs’ engineering and design services, which are in increasing early-stage demand from architects and contractors. At any one time, Martijn monitors approximately 150 projects in various stages of development, most of which involve feature stairs of outstanding architectural quality.

Dick Cluistra

Founder, Creative Director [NL]

+31 342 405 720 DC@eestairs.com

Harmen van de Weerd

Head of Project Management & Engineering

+31 342 405 730 HvdW@eestairs.com

Johan Floor

Project Manager / Design Engineer

+31 342 405 733 JF@eestairs.com

Gertjan Poortman

Senior Project Manager / Design Engineer

+31 342 405 731 GJP@eestairs.com

John Blom

Project Manager / Design Engineer

+31 342 405732 JRB@eestairs.com

Diederick van de Braak

Junior Sales Advisor

+31 342 405 723 DvdB@eestairs.com

André Waaijenberg

Junior Sales Advisor

+31 342 405 722 AW@eestairs.com

Mascha Haselhoff

Senior Office Assistant

+31 342 405 714 MH@eestairs.com

Elwin van Miltenburg

Finance Administrator

+31 342 405 719 EvM@eestairs.com

Lex van Hemmen

Marketing Support

Henry Kok

Foreman International Installer

Wilco Elbertsen

Painter Finisher

André de Hoop

Foreman International Installer

Jan van den Brink

Senior Driver / Site Operative

Bennie Vorderman

Senior International Installer

Maurice Schut

International Installer

Ferdinand Waayenberg

International Installer

Jaap Bouw

Foreman Craftsman - Metal

Rene Tolboom

Foreman Craftsman - Metal

Tom Miedema

Senior Craftsman - Metal

Arne Otte

Senior Craftsman - Metal

Leon Hogervorst

Senior Craftsman - Metal

Gerbrand Mastenbroek

Senior Craftsman - Metal

Henri Vierhoven

Craftsman - Metal

Teus Gerritsen

Bram Blankenstijn

Craftsman - Metal

Ries Boers

Craftsman - Metal

Thomas van de Craats

Craftsman - Metal

Gertjan Borren

Production Manager - Wood

Boj van der Poel

Foreman Craftsman - Wood

Matthieu Adamski

Senior Craftsman - Wood

Evert van Beek

Craftsman - Wood

Jan Willem Brouwer

Craftsman - Wood

Sven Staal

Craftsman – Wood

Piet de Bruin

Craftsman - Wood

Sjaak Zegers

Trainee Craftsman - Wood

Adri van der Starre

Licensed Partner 1m2

+31 342 405 777 AvdS@eestairs.com

Renanda van der Starre

Licensed Partner 1m2