Cells™ by EeStairs

Cells™ stairs by EeStairs is an exclusive innovation that combine art and geometry in an unexpected way. The organic, flowing, and open-weave design of Cells™ steel balustrades originate from computer-generated Voroni patterns.

As a result, no two Cells™ balustrades are the same. The balustrades constitute a strong and integrated structure with stringers, stair treads, and/or floor edges.

Designers can choose the density and shape of the cells. For example, polygons, bubble patterns, or a range of cell sizes can be chosen to create balustrades with a monumental, delicate, or elegant feel.

The advantages of Cells™ balustrades

– Shapes
Cells™ balustrades can be straight, curved, spiral, oval, or asymmetrically radiused.

– Style
Cells™ balustrades give a stylish and artistic effect.

– Unique
Each Cells™ balustrade has a unique pattern.

Customizing Cells™ stairs

Cells™ stairs can be customized in the same way as EeStairs customizes similar types of stairs. The balustrades with Cells™ structure can seamlessly and securely be attached to steel stringers, floor edges, and both metal and wood stair treads.

Aside from the steel balustrades having irregularly shaped polygonal cells or bubble patterns, they can be factory-painted in any RAL-color or given different patination treatments. Designers can specify the size of the cells, for example: smaller cells at the base of a balustrade that flow into larger, more open cells or an array of small and medium-sized cells to create a more monumental appearance.

Cells™ stairs can also be designed and made as a ‘double-act’: a glass, wood, or solid metal balustrade on one side of the treads, and a Cells™ balustrade on the other.

Because Cells™ balustrades are made of steel, designers can specify a tighter radius on the stringers without detracting from the strength of the stair structure.