Architects + EeStairs

EeStairs help architects to fully express their feature stair design visions to achieve maximum architectural and aesthetic impact. EeStairs are innovators in stair system refinements, and our in-house engineering and software teams understand the language of design. We have worked with major international practices, such as Zaha Hadid Architects, AHMM, Gensler, and UN Studio, and with many ambitious and successful smaller design practices.

“The wooden floor follows the curves of the atrium and refers to the annual rings of a tree. The wood lines run seamlessly and form a beautiful contrast with the sleek steel white atrium stairs of EeStairs. A unique combination.” — Paul de Ruiter

The 'Ee'

The ‘Ee’ in EeStairs stands for Exponent of excellence, and this is why we communicate with architects and specifiers right through their design processes – for example, by helping to clarify critical geometries and buildability, helping with materials selection, and ensuring that feature stair designs will meet statutory building and health and safety regulations.


Architects often ask EeStairs to provide various levels of pre-tender viability advice on stair designs, and this can range from basic comments on a proposed design, to a detailed EeStairs design service which includes structural analyses and detailed fabrication and installation drawings.