Limited space? Maximising every bit of surface area and need to reach the floor above? Then EeStairs® 1m2 staircase is the solution. Perfect as attic stairs or stairs for small spaces This stair leaves plenty of scope for functionality, but it is a design that also attracts attention. A storey height obtainable within one square metre of floor area: it's possible with the space-saving 1m2 by EeStairs. Attic stairs can be tricky to incorporate in your living space, but wth a compact staircase from EeStairs it's not a problem at all! Take a look at all the advantages of our space saving stairs below and you will see why they are perfect as attic stairs, and all other kinds of space-saving stairs.

  • A red space-saving staircase on a wooden floor, with a white sleeper sofa and a black radiator.
  • The top view of a 1m2 staircase with steel handrail and anti-slip caps in a stairwell with parquet floor.