A bamboo staircase in a property with wooden rafters and a curved corrugated roof with air conditioning.
A close-up of a bamboo staircase with stainless steel handrail. The windows with wooden frames are also visible.
The underside of a bamboo staircase, under a roof with wooden rafters and curved corrugated sheets.

Mind step sustainable design

A staircase can potentially be a building’s most attractive, landmark feature, with a variety of style and design options to meet the creative imagination of any architect or project designer. Staircase designers and architects are finding themselves issued with more ‘green-minded’ briefs – where they are required to not only create an impressive staircase, but also one that is sustainable and eco-friendly.

At EeStairs we have developed the ‘MindStep’ range which combines our enthusiasm for creating impressive stairs with an understanding for the requirement of the use of sustainable products in modern building projects. The result is a minimal stair that appears to defy gravity due to the incorporation of supporting panels beneath the treads.  With exception to the handrail (which is manufactured from steel) the staircase is constructed entirely from bamboo providing a sustainable solution.

Bamboo is ideal for stair design due to a variety of structural properties. Bamboo is a resilient, wear-resistent material making it an ideal replacement for steel or concrete in a stair’s treads, riser and strings. Its natural resistance to temperature and moisture levels means that upon the completion of processing, bamboo doesn’t expand or shrink, which means unlike some materials it will retain the designer’s desired form and shape.

The stair is testament to the growing belief among staircase manufacturers that it is possible to create an architecturally stunning, focal stair from entirely sustainable materials. However, currently bamboo is mainly only used in projects where a sustainable staircase design is required – with focus remaining on traditional hardwoods such as oak and walnut. With greater awareness of its structural strengths and versatility, bamboo can potentially become a leading replacement for hardwoods in staircase design and perhaps construction as a whole.