TransParancy by EeStairs

TransParancy™ structural glass balustrades give stairs a really streamlined look because they’re pure glass, without visible fixings or supports, and can be used for straight or curved stairs, landings and balconies. The toughened glass is securely mounted and meets regulations and quality standards in Europe, the UK, and the US.

TransParancy™ balustrades sit in concealed steel or aluminium tracks and their pure lines recall the way glass was used so elegantly in classic Moderne architecture. TransParancy™ maximises light and visibility in spaces, and has been specified by leading architects such as Zaha Hadid Architects, OMA, UN Studio and Erick van Egeraat.

De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, Amsterdam [NL]
Glass balustrades
G-Star HQ, Amsterdam [NL]
Havenhuis, Antwerpen [BE]

Benefits of TransParancy™ glass balustrades:

  • Clear. TransParancy™ guarantees a completely clear, clean-lined glass balustrade that provides an excellent contrast with other stair materials such as steel and wood.
  • Safe. TransParancy™ balustrades meet or exceed safety standards for structural analysis, and impact and soft pendulum testing. They meet European, UK, and US regulations and quality standards, including NEN, British Standards, International Building Code, KOMO, and Bouwbesluit.
  • Bespoke. TransParancy™ balustrades can be tailor-made, using glass panels from standard sizes to extra-large. The balustrades can be pure glass, glass with a thin metal top cap, or glass with banisters fitted securely and with minimal fixings to the inside face of the glass.
  • Quality control. EeStairs controls the quality of TransParancy™ glass balustrades, from factory assembly to on site installation.



Because of their true transparency, TransParancy™ balustrades do not clutter views across sales spaces, or compromise the effects of lighting schemes designed to highlight products and create specific atmospheres.

In home interiors TransParancy™ balustrades are an excellent choice in interiors which are Modernist or avant garde in style, or where the designer or home-owner wants to display the other stair and room materials as clearly as possible. An excellent example is the sinuous TransParancy™ balustrade in the double-curved stair and balcony at the Le Toison d’Or apartment building in Brussels, designed by UN Studio.

And in commercial contexts, TransParancy™ balustrades have been used in car showrooms, shopping centres, visitor centres, and tech innovation parks.

TransParancy™ is ideal for balconies and stairwells

The toughened structural glass and secure tracking used for TransParancy™ balustrades means that it can be used for the edges of balconies and stairwells. The most dramatic example is the slanted and curved TransParancy™ balustrades around the open-air stairwell at the Havenhuis, Antwerp, designed by Zaha Hadid Architects.

Are TransParancy™ glass balustrades safe?

Yes, the toughened glass sits securely in steel or aluminium tracks and has a structural rating which meets or exceeds quality and performance standards in Europe, the UK, and the US. The balustrades are made in factory-controlled conditions and fitted by EeStairs installers.

Can TransParancy™ be used in curved staircases?

The system was designed for both straight and curved stairs. But the most aesthetically impressive uses for TransParancy™ is usually in curved stairs or landings – the pure curve of the glass and the precise line at the top edge of the balustrade are extremely satisfying.

Can TransParancy™ balustrades be designed as bespoke elements?

That’s exactly what EeStairs created TransParancy™ for – to increase the design options for our feature staircases, which are all bespoke and non-standard.

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