Space Saving Stairs 1m2™ by EeStairs

1m2™ by EeStairs — Space Saving Stairs

The 1m2™ stairs are very space-efficient and provide easy access to previously unusable areas, improving property values. These stairs are commonly used to connect new living, sleeping, or office spaces.

The stairs take up only 1m2 of floor or ceiling area, thanks to the innovative design featuring a slightly slanted central column with an integral handrail. This slant allows for wider treads than in strictly vertical spiral or helical staircases, without increasing the ultra-small plan area.

Space saving stairs for limited spaces

1m2™ stairs meet relevant use regulations and are strong enough to carry loads of over 270 kilos (600 lbs). They are also incredibly lightweight, making installation fast and easy, without requiring significant structural modifications to the building. This makes them a great advantage for architects, contractors, and homeowners who want to create additional living or working space without disrupting the existing structure.

Moreover, 1m2™ stairs are highly customizable and can be tailored to fit any interior design concept. A key part of the 1m2™ staircase for small interiors is the user-friendly EeStairs online configurator. It only requires a few basic specification inputs to instantly produce accurate design visuals, as well as cost and delivery details.


Our online configurator is a key part of the 1m2™ staircase. We requiring just a few basic specification inputs to produce accurate design visuals, cost, and delivery details instantly. It can easily be done yourself by clicking on the orange button below.

Space Saving Stairs – Gold (Silica Storm 103) – Steel design

  • 1m2™ by EeStairs
  • Gold (Silica Storm 103)
Start Configuration

Space Saving Stairs – Red (Black red) – Steel design

  • 1m2™ by EeStairs
  • RAL 3007 (Black red)
Start Configuration

Space Saving Stairs – Black (Signal black) – Steel design

  • 1m2™ by EeStairs
  • RAL 9004 (Signal black)
Start Configuration


If you’re interested in learning more about 1m2™ by EeStairs, download the brochure below. The brochure provides examples of multiple realized 1m2™ and provides more information, including the benefits and features. Discover how these space-saving stairs are perfect for small homes and limited spaces, improving both human and property values.

Brochure Wenteltrap op kleine ruimten - Design vaste trap - 1m2™ by EeStairs