EeSoffit by EeStairs

The EeSoffit™ guarantees a perfect seamless finish for the underside of staircases. Even on stairs with a complex geometry, such as spiral or elliptical stairs — something which is very difficult and time consuming to achieve with plaster.

Traditional hand-crafted plaster is not always perfectly seamless and is prone to movement and cracks or scratches. EeStairs developed the EeSoffit™ system to deliver absolutely seamless finishes for stairs — even those with impressive geometries and tight radiuses.

The plastic based EeSoffit™ finish is stable and doesn’t get affected by humidity of temperature fluctuations. This makes that EeSoffit™ can be bonded to stringers or balustrades from different kinds of materials. The factory-prepared EeSoffit™ surfaces are applied on site by EeStairs installers and provide an excellent base for further finishing.

Three big advantages of the EeSoffit™

1 — Seamless and stable. EeSoffit™ guarantees a stable, geometrically accurate soffit and can be installed much faster than with traditional plaster.

2 — Strong. Unlike plaster, EeSoffit™ is tough and tear resistant, providing a consistent surface for matte and satin finishes.

3 — No solvents. The EeSoffit™ material is water-based and doesn’t contain any solvents.