Breathtaking stairs made and installed by EeStairs Breathtaking stairs made and installed by EeStairs

You just can’t help staring at these stairs, can you?

Blog by EeStairs on project Pierre Plantée, Saint-Tropez [FR], collaboration with Peter Mikic Interiors

What a great way to say: “Welcome!”

Peter Mikic, a leading London-based interior designer, seems to be fearless. When he created the interiors for a British entrepreneur’s holiday home at St Tropez he really put his stamp (and his stairs) on the design from the moment the front door is opened.

The geometry of the staircases is at its most dramatic and beautiful when seen from above, and at its most elegant where the two staircases meet on the landing. As you can see, the geometry and surfaces of polished plaster and marble are super-accurate and super-smooth. And please note the brass stair-light – another refined fitting produced by EeStairs.

As this image shows, the key challenge was to ensure that the stair geometry, surfaces and edges were perfect. As a result, every part of the staircase seems to glow with soft light. The absolutely smooth soffit and the two-layer balustrade are coated with marble and polished plaster – the latter is a beautiful surface treatment that was first used in ancient Rome.

The plaster was exceptionally challenging: our craftspeople applied several coats of polished plaster to Fermacell and sections of precisely curved plywood, and then attached them seamlessly to the balustrades on site. The highly sensual effect is heightened by covering the inner balustrades, treads and risers with laser-cut sections of Italian marble.

Peter Mikic’s overall interior design scheme sets up clever and richly sensual contrasts between the surfaces and curves of the staircase and the highly colourful marble of the floors, doorways, and the brass fittings.

These contrasts are equally evident in the ensemble of open bookcases, coffered ceiling and lightweight furniture. And his skilled compositions of colour and texture are particularly satisfying in the sitting room, where the tones of the rug, flooring, furniture – and even the large painting – are perfectly balanced.