Colorful Collaboration: The Art of Functional Design

A staircase is not merely a means to move between floors; it transforms spaces and creates visual flow. This transformative power of staircases was the guiding vision for EeStairs in their collaboration with Low Architects on the Blue App project. The goal was to bring a concept to life, where movement is both a physical and visual experience.

During the project, a challenge presented itself: the standard powder coating process was not feasible on-site. Undeterred, EeStairs adapted, choosing to apply a 2k lacquer directly at the location. This approach did more than just ensure the durability and strength of the construction.

The selection of a vibrant turquoise finish for the staircase was a deliberate artistic choice. It added an aesthetic flourish that integrated smoothly with the overall design scheme. This particular shade was chosen for its ability to enhance the architectural vision of Low Architects, injecting a sense of dynamism and freshness into the space.

The color’s impact goes beyond aesthetics; it exemplifies the synergy of design and craftsmanship. Such collaboration can transform a functional element into a striking focal point within a space, demonstrating the value of unity in the creative process.

In creating the staircase, EeStairs collaborated with the expertise of Interieurbeton Tom Hermans. Together, they crafted a structure that marries the inherent strength of concrete with the sleekness of metal. This melding of robust materials with the chosen color palette exemplifies the progressive ethos of functional design.

The spiral staircase of the Blue App project stands as a beacon of collaborative potential. It represents the seamless integration of an architect’s creative vision with the builders’ technical prowess. More than just a part of the building, it is a testament to the extraordinary outcomes possible when creative minds work in concert.