Eliminating the Unnecessary

Minimalistic design is something highly recognizable in modern architecture. Clean structures and use of simple color palettes give interiors and buildings a very sophisticated and aesthetically appealing look, proving that simplicity does not have to be boring at all.

Modern design eliminates unnecessary details, which makes products and constructions look more clean and simple. The approach to detail in modern design is focused on clean lines and edges that bring sophistication to the building. The simplicity of modern minimalist design does not mean that the realization is easy, on the contrary, modern designs are often difficult to realize. In some situations, eliminating detail can be much more complicated than creating detail.

EeSoffit™ by EeStairs is one of our inventions that revolves around fluent lines and edges. It enriches the staircase with a smooth and seamless surface on the soffit, while also increasing durability. EeSoffit™ by EeStairs turns spiral stairs into a perfectly clean-lined staircase that flows through the building and complements the architecture it is surrounded by.

Architecture is about creating a certain atmosphere and emotion in an construction environment, and traditionally, this has been achieved by adding certain details and filling up empty spaces. Luxurious relaxation and sophistication however, are examples of the atmosphere that is created with modern minimalist design. Minimalist architecture shows us that establishing such spaces requires the elimination of unnecessary details, rather than filling up empty spaces.