Just Like Magic

In today’s schools, staircases aren’t just functional—they’re essential for the overall vibe of the building. But let me tell you, building a school staircase, especially for a place like Academie Tien, is no walk in the park. Johan Floor, our project supervisor, summed it up perfectly: “It was quite a broad task we were given.”

There were some obstacles such as the floor heights. How do you connect different levels of the building? Leave that to EeStairs. Thanks to the innovative ‘Nests’, as we call them, this connection was possible. Think of them as interconnected staircases at the heart of the building. And get this: they’re hanging on just 30 mm of steel. How cool is that! Pretty awesome, right?

The Old Days

Gone are the days when school stairs were just for going up and down.  A multifunctional staircase is almost a must-have in 2024. The staircase at Academie Tien offers its own unique advantages. It’s got workstations where the students can study or just hang out. It’s the ultimate meeting spot for students.

Safety First!

This principle is always upheld by EeStairs. EeStairs works closely with the architect to ensure a thorough inspection throughout the production and installation processes. The staircases meet the highest international quality and safety standards. In the atrium, there are 350.777 meters of handrail and 33.906 meters of steel for the stairs and nests

The Centerpiece

The stairs give the building a significant appearance and structure. Simply put, these stairs transform the entire building, giving it a remarkable look. The students at the school even compare them to the Harry Potter staircases. So unique, it is almost like magic.

Photography by Hans Morren