EeStairs particularly enjoy making or designing stairs for clients who want them to have unique sculptural or aesthetic qualities. In some cases, the form, detailing, and build-quality can be experienced almost like 3D artworks – as these examples demonstrate.

Playing in space

You might think these stairs are impossible – just a fantasy. But you’d be wrong. EeStairs commissioned the notable Dutch architect, Maurice Nio, to design an unusually sensual staircase. We think of it as a brilliantly futuristic work of art.

The registered design, called Nio by EeStairs, currently exists in the form of highly sensual computer-generated visuals. But EeStairs in-house designers, engineers and fabricators know that these stairs can be built for any client who wants the ultimate Wow Factor staircase.

Maurice Nio says that architecture should ‘play in space’. We agree! Because when stairs play in space, that’s when the functional can become artistic.

Stepping into a world of art

When EeStairs made and installed this steel-and-glass staircase for the home of an art-lover in Monaco, its double-helix form provided a perfect contrast to the abstract artworks around it. The DNA-like helix continues up past the upper floor landing and rises to the full height of the room, rather like a piece of sculpture.

The art of Zaha Hadid

The glass balustrades for The Port House in Antwerp were designed by the late Zaha Hadid, one of the greatest artists of the architectural world in the last half century. We knew that the unexpected forms of her buildings were inspired by her fascination with Suprematist art, which appeared in Russia in 1915. So it was crucial that when EeStairs made these balustrades that the lines, angles, and details were pure and precise.

EeStairs' Design Service

EeStairs provides a complete, interlocking range of services for architects, interior designers, and other project leaders. This ‘one-stop’ approach has produced hundreds of highly crafted, architecturally outstanding feature stairs. Our engineering, design, manufacturing, and installation teams collaborate with clients to refine design in the most secure technical and material detail. We also offer detailed pre-tender analyses of design feasibility, costs, specifications, and structural factors.