Small stairwell ideas attic Small stairwell ideas attic

Attic - Little stairs to attic

If you’re looking for a staircase that’s perfect for accessing an attic or loft, the 1m2™ staircase is an excellent choice. Its compact design makes it a space-saving solution that’s ideal for tight spaces, and its sleek, modern style will complement any decor.

Small stairwell ideas

One of the key advantages of the 1m2™ staircase is its innovative design, which features a unique angled column with an integral loft stair railing. This design provides a stable and secure ascent and descent, making it a safer option than traditional attic stairs that can be narrow, wobbly, and require the user to grip the stairs with both hands.

Attic stairs

Another advantage of the 1m2™ staircase is its ease of installation. Unlike traditional attic stairs that require a significant amount of space and extensive remodeling work, the 1m2™ staircase can be installed quickly and easily by a professional, without the need for major structural changes.

Loft stairs

The 1m2™ staircase is the perfect solution for anyone looking to add a permanent, stylish, and space-saving staircase to their attic or loft. Its innovative design, ease of installation, and superior safety make it the best option for those looking to access their attic or loft with ease and peace of mind.


Our online configurator is a key part of the 1m2™ staircase. We requiring just a few basic specification inputs to produce accurate design visuals, cost, and delivery details instantly. It can easily be done yourself by clicking on the orange button below.


If you’re interested in learning more about 1m2™ by EeStairs as little stairs to an attic, download the brochure below. The brochure provides examples of multiple realized 1m2™ and provides more information, including the benefits and features. Discover how these space-saving stairs are perfect for small homes and limited spaces, improving both human and property values.