Installing groovEe™ glass balustrades

1. Installing groovEe™ glass balustrades is straightforward. EeStairs supplies the concrete contractor with a strong, accurate pouring-mould for the concrete base section which holds the groovEe™ glass balustrade channel system, and a securely fixed cover for the open side of the glazing channel. The other in situ elements, such as drainage pipes and reinforcement, are then positioned in the mould by the contractor. Concrete is then poured into the groovEe™ mould.

2. When the concrete has fully cured in the mould, the groovEe™ glass balustrade channel-cover is removed. A new temporary cover is then placed over the glass channel to prevent damage to the groovEe™ rebate during the transport and on-site positioning of the concrete groovEe™ base section.

3. When the concrete balustrade base-section is in place on site, the channel glass can be fitted. EeStairs supplies glass panels with a rubber seal profile on their longitudinal bottom edges, so that they can be quickly and securely mounted in the groovEe™ channel using a highly durable adhesive. Thus, the whole groovEe™ process simplifies and speeds up fixing glass balustrades to the concrete bases.