Straight White NextGen™ Stairs Straight White NextGen™ Stairs

Specifications – Innovative design

EeStairs’ NextGen™ stairs blend breakthrough design with superior quality. With their clean lines and minimalist detailing, they offer a fresh benchmark in staircase design. The stairs are customizable with three tread color options and any RAL color for stringers, making NextGen™ a true designer stair system. Additionally, their durability is enhanced with choices of timber or stainless steel handrails and three glass types for balustrades, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and long-lasting quality.

  • NextGen™ with AluGold treads and Bronze Glass

    NextGen™ with AluGold treads and Bronze Glass

  • 2/5

    NextGen™ with AluNatural treads

  • 3/5

    NextGen™ with AluCopper treads

  • 4/5

    Walnut handrail

  • 5/5

    Stainless steel handrail


Versatility in Configuration

The versatility of the NextGen™ stairs is noteworthy. Available in various forms such as half-turn, straight, or quarter-turn configurations, and adaptable to multiple levels, these stairs suit a wide range of spaces and designs. This adaptability ensures that the NextGen™ stairs meet both functional and aesthetic requirements, making them a fitting choice for diverse architectural needs.

  • 1/2

    Halfturn NextGen™ Stairs

  • 2/2

    Straight NextGen™ Stairs


Quality and Durability

The NextGen™ stairs by EeStairs combine safety, comfort, and acoustics with ease of installation, making them ideal for various environments like office spaces and retail areas. Featuring ribbed anti-slip surfaces on anodized aluminum treads for safety and comfort, they have been independently tested by Peutz to be quieter than standard steel stairs and comparable to wooden treads in acoustics. Furthermore, their innovative bolted click-and-lock system simplifies assembly, allowing installers or contractors to efficiently construct the stairs by seamlessly connecting stringers, treads, and landings, encapsulating the blend of aesthetics, functionality, and durability that NextGen™ offers.

  • Sound-absorbing steps

    Sound-absorbing steps

  • Click-and-lock system

    Click-and-lock system

  • Sound-absorbing steps

    Seamless connection