Agora, Brabant [NL]

In the pharmaceutical company in Brabant, the Agora project blossoms as a convergence of innovation and design. In collaboration with Wiegerinck Architecten, EeStairs has infused the space with a staircase that echoes contemporary aesthetics and functional brilliance, each element curated with precision and care.

Architectural mastery is evident in the solid construction of the stairs, where durable materials like robust steel are seamlessly integrated with the refined touch of oak. The choice of sustainable composite materials for the treads illustrates a thoughtful approach to design, blending durability with natural elegance. The use of transparent tempered glass for the balustrades magnifies the staircase’s contemporary essence, enhancing spatial openness and light.

In a showcase of design excellence, the staircase at Agora manifests EeStairs’ dedication to quality and creativity, synergizing flawlessly with the modern architectural ethos embodied by Wiegerinck Architecten.

Photography Hans Morren

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