CitizenM, Bowery, New York [US]

EeStairs + Concrete + Stephen B. Jacobs Group PC

The *Amsterdam-based designers, Concrete, say they love “shattering dogmas”. And that’s exactly what they did when they created the interior scheme for the two-storey reception area at the CitizenM hotel in New York’s Bowery district. The helical staircase and stepped seating produced by EeStairs gives this “cool” reception area a lively, almost theatrical atmosphere. This stair is in the Restaurant and Lounge on the lower floor and reception on the upper floor.

The helical stairs, which wrap around a concrete column, have mild steel balustrades clad with white oak, steel risers, and laminated bamboo treads; the warm tones of the wood contrast subtly with the black wax coating on the steel.

The structural strength of the stairs means that, despite a very tight inner radius, they can support a large upper landing. The design and engineering details were equally important: EeStairs craftsmen carefully matched wood veneers, and our in-house engineers worked with the designers to find the best way to hide structural connections and achive the large cantelivered landing and self-supporting stair.

Photography Hans Morren

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