EeStairs HQ, Barneveld [NL]

EeStairs + Bronsvoort Blaak Architecten + Peelen Interieur bv

When Bronsvoort Blaak Architecten designed EeStairs’ new headquarters in Barneveld in the Netherlands they aimed for a ‘contemporary, challenging and cool’ building that would achieve a BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ sustainability rating. ‘For us, the building’s character is elegance meets functionalism – EeStairs is a hugely creative company that excels in its field, and the new headquarters had to reflect that.

The most dramatic demonstration of this is the external grand helical staircase that takes visitors from ground level up to an open deck and the reception. The lines of the staircase are like a beautiful sketch coming to life, recalling the pure detail-free curves of staircases by the legendary Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. Using this staircase, with its almost invisible wire outer balustrade, is an almost theatrical experience.

Every design feature – the recessed handrail, the tread cutbacks, the two types of tread surface, and the super-smooth soffit – show EeStairs’ extraordinary degree of precision in both manufacture and installation. A perfect demonstration of what ‘Ee’ stands for: Exponent of excellence.

Photography Hans Morren

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