Prinsengracht, Amsterdam [NL]

EeStairs + Tank Interior Design & Branding

When the interior designers, TANK, transformed an ex-school building in Amsterdam into a luxury apartment complex, one of their most architecturally original interventions was a geometrically faceted staircase. At EeStairs, we are used to making and installing visually dramatic staircases, but very few have had asymmetric faceting of such compressed complexity.

The angles and dimensions of each facet are different, so this project was a benchmark test of our ability to craft and join edge-lines precisely. And as you can see from the images, the edges are accurate to the millimetre. We also ensured that the beautiful graining of the American oak surfaces blended perfectly – nature and geometry coming together in a visually delightful way.

We are particularly excited by the way the angles and surfaces dominate the design – the eye is immediately seduced, particularly by the balustrades and soffits. The stairs convey little or no sense of weight or underlying structure. This is great design – the kind we enjoy collaborating in.

Photography Hans Morren

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