Residence, Nieuwveen [NL]

EeStairs + Enzo architecten

When Enzo Architecten designed this residence in Nieuwveen, Holland, they produced a building, and interiors, that can be described in three words – modernist, minimalist, monochrome. The moment you approach the house, this becomes crystal-clear: the elevation is composed of black and white rectangles, with an oversized, jet-black portico.

It’s the same inside, and the stairs are particularly effective in heightening the monochrome effects: black handrail, white-painted steel treads, full-height black steel balustrade screen. The staircase is detail-free, which meant that it had to be made and installed very precisely, because in a minimalist design even the tiniest misalignment or imperfection would be obvious.

The great care taken by EeStairs ensured that the sheet steel treads and risers appear to have no seams or welds, and the complete precision of the staircase is most obvious in the perfect radiuses where the risers join the treads: even seen from close-up, the ‘turn’ is beautifully smooth.

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