Residence, Putten [NL]

EeStairs + BDG Architecten Almere

The design of this home at is a fine example of a fusion between Modern and Traditional architecture. The thatched roof and recessed pointing of the not-quite-straight stone courses have historic precedents, but three aspects of the design, by Olof van der Linden Architects, immediately tell us that this is a 21st century building: the razor-sharp outline of the thatch, the staircase linking the house to the courtyard, and the almost invisible glass balustrades.

As a result, the view of the house has strong graphic and haptic qualities: the precise outline of the building, the emphasised horizontal layering, and the varying materials are completely evident and uncluttered by unnecessary detailing.

To achieve this, it was particularly vital that the glazed balustrade was as clear as possible, and this was achieved using the EeStairs groovEeTM system, which allows glass balustrade panels to fit very securely and accurately into balcony edges or wall coping without using upstands or posts. As you can see, the effect is architecturally important – groovEeTM allows the facade to be seen very clearly, and also adds a faint perspective line above the stone wall.

Photography Hans Morren

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