The George, Amsterdam [NL]

EeStairs + DOK Architecten

In the trendy Zuidas area of Amsterdam is trendy, the 11-storey George apartment block, designed by DOK Architecten, adds a dash of architectural colour and drama to the scene – especially in the way the decoratively bricked main facade rises in a very unusual double-curve. And that curvaceous design approach is equally obvious in the feature stairs inside the building.

The geometry of these stairs-within-stairs is unusual: one staircase sweeps down in a gentle curve from an upper landing, and the other twists down from a lower landing. It was crucial that the lines of both stairs’ metal-capped glass balustrades were perfect, and this depended on the skill of our fabricators and installation team.

As the images show, the result is as precise as the drawn design, even in the lower staircase, which flows asymmetrically, almost like a gracefully ‘stretched’ S. And we made and installed the glass balustrades on the balconies with equal care, as you can see in the precise way the balcony balustrade joins the curving glass of the lower staircase.

Photography Hans Morren

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