Westfort, IJsselstein [NL]

EeStairs + Maasdam Groep B.V.

When Westfort, a leading Dutch meat products supplier, created new interiors at its Ijsselstein headquarters we were appointed to make and install two helical staircases in close cooperation with Anton van Bethray of the contractors, Maasdam. To achieve the precise geometric sweep of the staircases was straightforward for us – but the detailing was unusual.

The stairs have steel structures, oak treads and wood veneered outer balustrades. The key challenge was to ensure that the unusual top ‘lips’ of the integral balustrade rails were precise in section, to emphasise the accuracy of the stairs’ geometric twists.

And this was achieved. So too was the matt finish of the balustrade verneer, and the hand-finished patination of the steel elements. We also made and installed the glass balustrades at the upper level – and we are particularly proud of the super-accurate joint between the top of the inner balustrade and the tightly angled glass balustrade.

Photography Hans Morren

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