Special Colour Samples by EeStairs

Discover our exclusive range of Special Colour Samples for unique and stunning staircase finishes. Choose from three categories, including Urban Vertigo, Silica Storm, and Galactic Sky. Order our Special Colour Samples now to elevate your interior. We ship worldwide.

  • 1m2 Stairs with Special Colour Urban Vertigo by EeStairs

    Urban Vertigo — 203

  • 1m2 Stairs with Special Colour Galactic Sky by EeStairs

    Galactic Sky — 303

  • 1m2 Stairs with Special Colour Silica Storm by EeStairs

    Silica Storm — 103


Categories for every style

Discover our Special Colour Samples today and make a statement with a unique and stylish staircase finish that takes your interior to the next level. Contact us to learn more about our special service and how we can help you create your dream staircase. You can try to implement the special colours on a 1m2™ by EeStairs in our configurator.