Sustainable design with oak wood in London

Together with De Rosee Sa, we created a truly unique staircase: a perfectly proportioned spiral staircase constructed from dark oak and minimal steel. This modern staircase exudes elegance in a beautiful residential project in Cleveland Square, one of London’s most enchanting garden squares. What really sets this staircase apart? It is not just a staircase, but a work of art in itself, constructed entirely of solid oak, giving it a warm and inviting feel.

Making clever use of the space in the entrance hall, the staircase adds a modern twist to the historic building while creating more floor space. But this staircase is more than just a connection between floors. It is a source of natural light, with its unique wooden spindle that allows light to stream in beautifully from all angles. Moreover, the treads and risers are carefully handcrafted, so every wood grain is visible from every angle.

At EeStairs, we believe that sustainability begins with our people and their shared passion for innovation. Our energy and ambition drive our ongoing search for new ways to improve staircase design and manufacturing. We believe that embracing innovation and implementing efficient processes are the true foundation of sustainability.

This ethos of innovation and efficiency is directly reflected in our efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our work. Our goal is to gradually reduce them, and we do so in a controlled and measurable way.

A perfect example of our commitment to sustainability can be found in our Headquarters in Barneveld, which received the first industrial BREEAM Outstanding five-star rating in the Netherlands. This recognizes our lower energy consumption from year to year. In addition, we strive to use recycled materials wherever possible.

Project Cleveland Square, London [GB]
EeStairs + DE ROSEE SA Architects
Photography by Hans Morren