Cleveland Square, London [GB]

EeStairs + DE ROSEE SA Architects

EeStairs alongside award winning architects and Interior design company, De Rosee Sa, has created this perfectly proportioned spiral stairs constructed from dark oak and steel. This unusually modern stairs has been designed for an elegant residential project in the heart of Cleveland Square, one of London’s finest garden squares and equally unusually it is constructed entirely from solid oak. The square was built in the 1850s along with Cleveland Gardens and Cleveland Terrace and is located near Paddington and Bayswater areas.

Spiral stairs are frequently used where space is at a premium and EeStairs can create and adapt designs to fit any area in a home that could benefit from a distinctive statement stairs. These winding stairs can instantly elevate a space and can be designed from a range of different materials and from a vast palette of finishes and colours. This staircase is particularly unique as it is constructed from soild oak.

De Rosee Sa is known for its collaborative approach and unique style, where each project is developed individually for every client. Their projects provide creative solutions for clients that meet both functional and budgetary requirements and Cleveland Square is a perfect example. The staircase imaginatively uses the area in the entrance hall to create more floor space and where a traditional stairs would have taken up a much larger footprint. The stairs seamlessly add a modern twist to this heritage building.

This oak spiral connects two floors that open onto adjacent rooms (on both floors) whilst allowing light to flood in from both sides of the building. This is an open and refined design with a corkscrew twist of lustrous steel spindles set in the stairs. Every tread and riser is meticulously handcrafted and every grain of wood is visible from all angles. At the top of the spiral stairs is a flawlessly constructed slender handrail with a continuation of the sleek metal spindles that frame the stairs. This modern spiral looks perfectly at home amongst its classic interior whilst working well as a space saving solution. It even allows for a gallery of artworks to be displayed adding to the imaginative use of space and the character of the apartment and its owner.

Photography Hans Morren

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