Residence, Oosterhout [NL]

The owners of this home in the Netherlands are art aficionados, and they realised there was an opportunity to create a feature staircase that could be strikingly sculptural – and visible from outside the building. To achieve this, they discussed potential stair-forms with EeStairs and then appointed our in-house design service to produce the fully detailed scheme.

Our key design move was to connect the top of the spiral staircase to a bridge, which achieves two things: it puts the curve of the outer balustrade as close as possible to the full-height picture window; and it creates a deeper threshold (and art space) for the corridor. The glass balustrade, which sits seamlessly and securely in the steel stringer, ensures that the staircase can be easily seen from outside.

The geometric precision of EeStairs’ fabricators and installers is particularly obvious in three features: the way the underside of the bridge transitions into the staircase’s super-smooth EeSoffit™; the perfectly twisting camber of the top edge of the inner balustrade; and the exact, no-gap meeting of the base of the stringer with the marble floor.

Photography Hans Morren

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