Residence, Laren [NL]

EeStairs + TKI / Pieter Laureys Interieur Design

This staircase, in a home at Laren in The Netherlands, demonstrates how very different geometries can come together in an elegantly poised way. In plan, the inner balustrade falls in a tighter curve than the outer balustrade. And this would probably be visually uncomfortable if the balustrades were thicker, or made of a heavy-looking material – especially if the geometry of the curves was not absolutely precise.

The interior designer, Pieter Laureys, clearly understood this challenge and the final detailed design of the stairs was created in close collaboration with EeStairs’ in-house design service. This is particularly evident in the perfect accuracy of the parallel double balustrades – steel for the outer, and wood with a deliberately ‘stripey’ vertical graining to contrast with the curves, for the inner.

The accuracy of the stairs, in plan and gradient, was ensured by our craftsmen and installation team, and is most satisfyingly achieved in the way the outer steel balustrade meets the floor, turning back and angling down in a very tight radius to continue the balustrade to the wall. The stairs have an EeSoffit™, which provides a super-smooth surface and clean, geometrically accurate edges.

Photography Hans Morren

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