Specifications – Innovative Design:

EeCorda™ staircases showcase EeStairs’ commitment to innovation and environmental sustainability. Their modular design combines aesthetics with practicality, featuring silent, low-carbon aluminium treads, handrails, and stringers from sustainably sourced rubberwood. With options for customization in tread colors and finishes, EeCorda™ offers a harmonious blend of form and function. Its design prioritizes both visual appeal and environmental responsibility, setting a new standard in staircase solutions.

Versatility in Configuration

EeCorda™ stands out for its modular versatility, accommodating a range of architectural spaces with its adaptable design. Whether integrating into compact areas or serving as a centerpiece in creative spaces, EeCorda™ can be tailored to meet diverse needs. This flexibility ensures that EeCorda™ staircases are not only practical but also complement the aesthetic and functional requirements of any setting.

Quality and Durability

EeCorda™ combines EeStairs’ expertise in design with a focus on quality and durability. The innovative use of materials like low-carbon aluminium and rubberwood contributes to the system’s acoustic performance and environmental friendliness. EeCorda™ is designed for ease of assembly, offering a straightforward installation process without compromising on safety or quality. Its construction reflects a commitment to providing durable, eco-friendly staircase solutions that do not sacrifice aesthetic appeal.