Specifications – Innovative Design:

At EeStairs, we strive for innovation and environmental sustainability. EeCorda is a straight staircase with a modular system that combines functionality and design. EeCorda features noiseless, CO2-efficient aluminum steps, handrails, and supports made from sustainably harvested rubberwood. You have the option to customize the colors and finishes of the steps to your liking, offering a perfect balance between design and functionality. Our design emphasizes both aesthetics and ecological awareness, setting new standards for staircases. With EeCorda™, we demonstrate our commitment to sustainable and beautifully designed stairs that are kind to our planet.

Versatility in Configuration

EeCorda™ stands out for its modular versatility, accommodating a range of architectural spaces with its adaptable design. It seamlessly integrates into compact spaces or serves as a striking feature in creative environments. EeCorda™ can be fully customized to your preferences, and with three color options, we ensure that it not only meets practical needs but also perfectly aligns with the aesthetic and functional requirements of any setting. The system is designed to allow easy self-assembly without compromising safety or quality. Furthermore, our configurator provides a wealth of staircase knowledge, empowering you to make informed choices, and the BIM model is readily available.

Sound-damping Stairs

EeCorda contains the perfect combination of functionality and comfort. Thanks to the non-slip steps, aluminum stair nosings, and integrated sound-absorbing core, we offer a pleasant acoustics comparable to that of a traditional wooden staircase.